Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August Event

On display until August 30, 2015:
Classic Couture Hand-Embroidered Soutache Jewelry by Suzanne C. Suber, French-born American Jewelry Designer.

COOP Gallery (between World Market & Panera's)
8074 Mediterranean Drive
Coconut Point Shopping Center
Estero, Florida 33928

Meet Suzanne at the gallery  
August 28th from 12:00-6:00 pm. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Specializing in couture Soutache Jewelry that is hand-embroidered
one stitch at a time... one bead at a time...
for a one-of-a-kind... You!

Own a masterpiece designed just for you!
The only one of its kind in the world.



Soutache embroidery is a technique which dates back to the fourteenth century in France. It was initially used for making decorative elements sewn on clothing and elaborate military uniforms. The name comes from the French word "soutache" which is a silky braid used to decorate cut fabric. Textile artists have used soutache embroidery to create luxurious one-of-a-kind jewelry. The soutache braids are meticulously stitched together with fine needle and threads while combining a variety of cabochons and beads, resulting in an amazing combination of color and style of royal character. Since soutache embroidered jewelry is a very precise, laborious and demanding technique, the end result is a unique work of art. 
"A Certificate of Authenticity is included with all Soutache Necklaces and Bracelets"

Contact Suzanne to design and create a beautiful heirloom quality piece of art to your specifications.
Phone: 239-776-4000   E-mail:

Monday, June 29, 2015

Light of the Moon

"As the gentle waves caress the sandy beaches
And the tropical breezes whisper through the leaves
The night will lull the land in to peaceful slumber
And mermaids will sing their enchanting melody
by the light of the moon"
Suzanne C. Suber © 2015

Light of the Moon

Glass Sea Opal cabochon and beads, imported and Moroccan Soutache braid,
aluminum link chain, backed with a luxuriously smooth ultra suede

Friday, June 19, 2015


 This lovely necklace is as versatile as its wearer.
From Bridal to jeans you can't go wrong.


Bas-relief focal, 
Swarovski® pearls,
Czech & Japanese TOHO glass beads,
 imported Soutache braid,
backed with a luxuriously smooth ultra suede.
Matching cord necklace is included.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mermaid's Bounty

If seashells and beads were once used as currency,
do Mermaids trade with Sand Dollars?

Mermaid’s Bounty

Naples, Florida natural Sand Dollar, 
Boroque Hawaiian pearls, 
Czech & TOHO glass beads, 
imported Soutache braid, 
ultra suede  

Notice: I only use sea shells and sand dollars that have been beached and no longer active.