Sunday, February 3, 2013

My name is Suzanne and I’m the French Mermaid. Join me on this worldwide web journey through creativity and design. My wish is to inspire your inner spirit that may now only be a flicker or a burning flame that is already illuminating those in your presence. Whether it be through art of painting, design, writing, needle arts, cooking, etc. And so the journey begins…
Empress Catherine: Sea Sediment Jasper
Soutache Pendant with Gold Cord Necklace
Isn't it time you treated yourself or someone you love to a unique heirloom to be treasured for many years to come?
Born of romantic artistry & fine craftsmanship that adorned the royals in the courts of such grandeur as Versailles, Vienna & St. Petersburg.  Every piece in my collections is intricately handcrafted by myself.  I bring you years of  experience in fine hand stitching & beadwork to wear with love.
Aphrodite, Cyprus Cabochon
Soutache Pendant with Blue Cord Necklace

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