Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bold and Beautiful Statement Jewelry on Fashion Runway for 2014

Vintage, Ethnic, Punk, and anything goes jewelry for 2014

The fashion runways in Paris and Milan are striking out with Bold and Beautiful jewelry.

Bangles Are Back With A Vengeance!     

Large, thin, plain, bling, spiky punk, colorful, every variety of bangle you could imagine is in! Wear them alone, or mix & match colors, textures & sizes.  Have fun color-coordinating with your outfits, matching your shoes, purse, or headband.  Anything goes!

If you are a jewelry hoarder... get those bangles out! Or... take a look at  look at my selection and drop me a note below this post.

Statement Necklaces Remain In Vogue!       

Romantic, bold, ethnic, quirky, steam-punk, you name it.  Big is in, so put your every day little pendant on a chain away.  Make a statement, wear your necklace with confidence, bring out that inner goddess and shine. You deserve the attention. Have fun!  That's what it's all about!


Absolutely!  Earrings are a great compliment to every woman's wardrobe.  Never leave the house without your earrings.  They bring focus to your face, eyes, lips. Post, dangle or clip-on, there are styles to suit every personality.  Classic pearls, sparkly Swarovski crystals, gold, diamond, silver, etc.  So many variations to choose from!

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