Sunday, October 26, 2014

MSC Divina

Suzanne wearing "Sahara" necklace

Just returned from our third cruise on the beautiful MSC Divina. The shows were fantastic and the Baked Alaska was yummy! Thankfully I had a little room left after the lobster dinner! 

necklace, Sahara, palm trees, boat, Czech beads, Soutache, jewelry, pearls, ultra suede

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cuff It Up!

 My couture quality, hand-embroidered and constructed one-of-a-king Cuff bracelets are fully lined with ultra suede and hand sewn around an aluminum cuff bracelet form. They are adjustable, lightweight and ready for compliments.

Autumn Haze

Picture Jasper focal enhanced with a rhinestone,
Czech and TOHO glass beads, imported,
domestic and Moroccan Soutache braid,
and luxuriously smooth ultra suede.

Purple Orchid

Purple with silver-tone trim focal, enhanced with 

Swarovski ® crystals, rhinestones, braid trim, 
and luxuriously smooth ultra suede.

Under the Sea

Southwest Florida white Scallop sea shell focal
enhanced with Mother of Pearl, Czech and TOHO glass beads,
white and silver braid, lace, 
and luxuriously smooth ultra suede.

Marco Island natural sea scallop shell, 
Swarovski ® pearls and crystals
imported and Moroccan Soutache braid,
backed by a luxuriously smooth ultra-suede.
Cuff Bracelet: $158

 Swarovski®, Soutache braid, Moroccan, picture jasper, Czech glass, TOHO beads, sea shell, ultra suede, cuff bracelet, one-of-a-kind, couture, hand-embroidered, hand-sewn, adjustable cuff

Friday, October 3, 2014

Anneta Valious

It is a real honor for me to feature Anneta Valious, a well respected and talented Soutache Jewelry Designer. I began my embroidery journey from my grandmother's tutorship in Marseille, France at the age of five. My needlework has always brought me joy in its many forms, but I became totally enamored after first seeing Anneta's "Helen of Troy" (photo below) necklace masterpiece. Though I had worked with soutache years ago as a couturiere in the bridal industry, French Heirloom sewing and smocking for children, thanks to Anneta I became inspired to adapt my learned techniques into my jewelry designs. 

Anneta Valious

Anneta Valious was born and raised in Moscow. After graduating from the Moscow State University, she married and moved to France, where she lives with her husband and family in the city of Nantes. Beadwork came into her life in 2007, quite by accident, but gradually creating jewelry, literally became a way of life for her. 

Impressed by the creativity of Israeli jewelry designer Dori Csengeri she fell in love with soutache embroidery. At that time the soutache technique was little known as there wasn't any literature or tutorials. You basically had to learn it on your own. But this did not stop her, on the contrary, it gave her a certain excitement. Since then, Anneta is constantly developing her skills by regularly taking part in international exhibitions, competitions and teaching classes. 

Helen of Troy

Her work is published in various magazines and in 2012 the Russian publishing house  AST-Press released her first book on soutache technique; and in 2014 her new book "Soutache" was published by Lark Crafts. Anneta likes experimenting with new techniques, and this process can be endless since the fantastic world of beads is boundless. 

Many thanks to Annetra for allowing me to share her story.